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BEE the Difference Project Update!



“Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.” – author unknown

As nice as this quote sounds and as true as it is to me… For many others it is false. Many never get to that beautiful destination. Many only know difficult, hard, bad… for them the list continues. Endless.

Four year old boy rescued from trafficking in 2013.

Four year old boy rescued from trafficking in 2013.

These are the people we are pushing to be able to help. The voiceless. The hungry. The trafficked. By buying a T-shirt, you truly are being the difference. We can’t publish until we have our ISBN numbers. Meeting our T-shirt goal gives us our numbers. Changing the world just takes a choice. A choice to not be okay with what is going on. A choice to support a company that is taking a stand. Anyone can afford a $20 T-shirt if it matters to them.

As of right now, we have sold 10 shirts. Our goal is to sell 80. If you have not ordered yet, please do so! Sunday, July 3rd, is your last day to order. After that, we will celebrate Independence Day and the end to a successful project!

Order HERE.

If you don’t want a T-shirt, but believe in what we are doing and support us, please consider making a donation HERE. We need $1,000 for our ISBNs.

During the following days leading up to the deadline (July 3rd), please share what we are doing and see what you can do to increase orders. Get involved! Tell friends and family about our goals. Our commitment to donate 60% of our income. Our desire to help those in need – starving children, trafficked women and children, persecuted Christians. Talk to your church! Your Sunday school class! Maybe even your coworkers!

Together we can make a difference!

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