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Joseph’s Grain Publishing is a 501 (c)(3) certified nonprofit publishing company with a vision. A vision to impact the world.


Our approach is multifaceted. Our books target the controversial and hard to hear and bring it into the light; Into discussion. Trafficking. Persecution. Christianity. We encourage families to read and pray together as well as get active together. There is a world outside our door and there is much to do in it. You don’t need to be rich to make a difference and you don’t need to be an adult. Children CAN make a difference.

We bring everyone onto the front lines. Just purchasing one of our books makes a difference.  60% of our profits from each book go to specific projects. Projects declared on each book cover. You may see on one cover that profits go towards feeding hungry children in Thailand and on another cover that profits go towards supplying food for persecuted Christians. On each cover you will also see how many sold books it will take to reach our goal as well as a QR code for checking our goal progress.

In order to keep books affordable and still donate a large some, we print and bind the books ourselves! That’s right, when you buy a JGP book, you are purchasing a handmade item dedicated to changing the world.

Outside of publishing, we also have other projects dedicated to making a difference. You can find these under our “Projects” tab.

Why “Joseph’s Grain”?
The Joseph in the bible became a man of vision and resource. He gathered his resources and then cautiously distributed them in a way that everyone had enough. Even people outside his kingdom. Because of God, he was able to see what needed to be done and then do it. At Joseph’s Grain Publishing, with God as our witness, we will take the resources He provides and distribute them out into the world as He leads.


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