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It’s Alive!



Late last night, with imaginary rain pouring down outside, Nicole and I finished our project…and at exactly 12:00am, May 22nd, 2015… We were able to exclaim… “It’s ALIVE!”

It’s true. We did exclaim it, our Kickstarter campaign IS live! We have spent countless hours planning the next month to be fun, thrilling, new, and so much more! Finally, we can share all our plans, we can play all the games, and give away all the prizes.

Come join in the fun on our Facebook group: HERE!!

And, of course, check out our Kickstarter page! HERE!!

Don’t forget, this weekend only we have exciting early bird rewards for our first backers. Plus, All early birds who join our Facebook group are entered into a raffle for a sweet surprise!


Let us know your questions and thoughts. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Have a great weekend!

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