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Here at Joseph’s Grain Publishing some big things are happening! One of which is our kickstarter campaign to jump start our company and start printing books! How exciting!

What is print for change?

In search of your next great read, you stand in a store staring at endless shelves. You narrow it down by genre, but still have hundreds of choices. Then you see it! A label on the top of a book cover. “Purchase this book to FEED THAI ORPHANS FOR A YEAR!” You scrunch your nose in disbelief and pick the book up. The cover is vibrant, the pages pristine. And the inside flap challenges you to make a choice. Purchase this book and make a difference or walk away and be out an amazing adventure. What do you do?

The “How” for Wiping the Skeptical Look Off Your Face

Our goal for print for change is to create a printing and binding station that will allow us to print and bind books ourselves, right in our office. Printing and binding our own books cuts our production costs in half, allowing normal to low priced books for you as well as the ability to donate 60% of JGP income for us.


1. When we reach our sales goal (only 185 copies) of Safe: Cara & Hao’s Tale Homeschool Edition (set to release in July), we will have $1,664.28 available to donate. This donation will feed six hungry children in Thailand for one whole year.

2. When we reach our sales goal (only 285 copies) of Final Deception (set to release in October), we will have $1,333.8 to donate. This donation will provide an education for all six Thai children for a year (excluding textbooks).

3. When we reach our sales goal (only 200 copies) of The Evidence (already available), we will have the $660 needed for textbooks.

An exciting part of this is that this is only our first year with relatively small goals. As sales increase, as we publish more authors, we will be able to set higher goals and help more children. We will be able to support missionaries helping rescue girls and children from human trafficking. We will be able to support safe houses for persecuted Christians. As we publish intriguing stories, our readers will be making a difference and changing the world.

Let’s Talk Numbers

The amount we are asking for, our goal, covers the price for all our printing needs (high quality printer, glue, paper cutter, ink, paper) as well as our nonprofit 501c3. We will also be building our own book press. All this allows us to create paperback, perfect bound books.

At this time we will not be doing hardcover books in bulk, they will be special editions. We hope to incorporate them at a later date.

But What About Quality?

As a company that believes in honesty, integrity, and quality, we would rather lose our dinner than sell sloppily bound books. Before coming to this decision, we did our research, got our experience, found the perfect materials, and refrained from making the decision until we received a unanimous vote from our board of directors.

How can one person actually make a difference by buying a $10 novel?

magnifying glassHow indeed! Each print run of books is assigned a specific goal. The number we print, as well as the price we charge, all factors into our decision. Our goal is printed on the front cover as well as included on an inside page. Its page includes all the information a person could desire, including a QR code for our webpage. This will let you to see the book’s progress whenever you want!

With our books, we can honestly say every purchase makes a noticeable difference. As well as our progress, we also have all our financial information on our website, allowing everyone to see exactly what we do with our money.

We will do everything we can to be above reproach. We won’t hide things, and we want every penny that comes into our hands to be put to its best use; a use you can see. We are not powerful, untouchable, “higher-ups,” rather, we are regular people who are only an email or phone call away.

What do we publish?

We are a Christian publishing company, and therefore do not publish erotic or vulgar creations. We publish children’s stories, Christian fiction, young adult novels, and who knows what other authors will come our way!

We want to publish meaningful works that inspire thought and action. Something that sticks to you and refuses to leave until you’ve pondered it for a good amount of time.

One of our areas of focus is children, and, therefore, we are working on homeschool books as well as an entire online resource center for those who buy from our home school section.

Early Bird Specials 

Early bird specials are only available our first weekend (May 22-24) and allow you to receive something extra special. Check them out!

Fun, Games, and Facebook

Throughout this campaign we will have games, trivia, raffles, freebies and more in our Facebook group. Come join us!

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