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Sprinkles, T-Shirts, Totes, and YOU!



At JGP we are committed to not only making a difference, but to giving you opportunities to make the difference with us. We want you to see that YOU have an impact in this world. No matter who you are, no matter how old or young you are, YOU are capable of changing lives. Making a difference. Helping people in need.

Here are some opportunities we have put together this summer:

image1Encouragement. Something everyone could use a little more of. Don’t you think?

The JGP team will be sprinkling our hope cards around San Antonio every chance we get. Want to join us in this? Let us know and we can get you some cards! Maybe we can saturate San Antonio. Maybe we can spread outside the community. Maybe we can… Well the amount of encouragement spread depends on you!

Our hope cards are simple and elegant. The front simply states, “You are valuable & loved.” Written on the back is, “Place this card where you will see it daily. Email help@josephsgrain.org for any reason.” See? Simple! Yet meaningful. You can hand these cards to waiters, drivers, neighbors, employees… However you want to handle it! You can use them as conversation starters, you can write a bible verse on them. We have also designed sticky notes with the same message. These have more room for a written message of hope. You could easily serve someone by mowing their lawn, moving their trash can, etc… and then leave a sticky note explaining why you chose to serve them.

Bee the difference shirtHave you seen our awesome “BEE the difference” T-shirts yet? Personally, I want 5!

Each $20 T-shirt purchase goes toward our goal of purchasing our ISBNs. ISBNs we need before we can start publishing and printing. Our goal is to sell 80 T-shirts. Will you choose to BEE the difference?

Our shirts are simple, yet stylishly awesome. They have a unique “BEE the difference” front and are blank on the back. They are also soft! They are available in unisex sizes ranging from Youth Medium to XXXL. Remember, the more shirts we sell, the closer we will be to our goal! Spread the word to friends and family! And please don’t hesitate to share on Facebook, send the product link to a friend, or to even purchase a T-shirt as a gift! Every little bit helps. Every little bit makes a difference!


Fantastic tote bags!

Maybe you’ll see these around town. Maybe you’ll want to carry your own and become a volunteer distributor. The choice is yours!

Can’t you just see yourself strutting around town, BEEing the difference and carrying a tote bag? If you want to volunteer to help sell our books in this stylish and snazzy way, we want to hear from you!

Something JGP really needs right now, something everyone can do, is word of mouth. We need people sharing what we are doing. We need people hearing what we are doing. If no one knows about us, we can’t grow. We can’t reach our goals. And a company that could change the world, impact lives, will wither and die.

Do you believe there is injustice in the world? Does your heart hurt when you think of orphans? Does sexual abuse and trafficking anger you? If you answered yes to any of these questions, challenge yourself to support us in some way this summer. Being angry or sad about something does nothing. It requires action, and if you refuse to take action, you are letting the injustice continue.

If you are taking action in a different way, with a different company, please share in the comments! We’d love to hear about what you are doing.

Let’s make a difference together.

Lets BEE the difference!

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  1. Dan Allen says:

    Great to see you living out your faith! I like the cards and can use them

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