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Meet our team!

Our staff is composed of our president, secretary, and four directors. All of us have taken our own skills and chosen to do something that will make a difference in this world. Just think, what could you do to make a difference?  

President: Nicole

I am a homeschool mom of 5. I love books and learning. After reading about George Mueller, I was inspired and convicted to make some changes in my life. Through those changes, God has led me on an incredible journey that I may one day write about, but in the mean time, it is my desire to help people see how real God is, and help others experience his love for themselves.

Secretary: Elizabeth

Smaller Me

I am the founder of Joseph’s Grain Publishing and use a pen name to write Christian Fiction for all ages. My goal for this company is for it to impact the hearts of people across the globe and to be able to watch them change their communities and everywhere they travel. I’m using my experience as an author and creative ideas to contribute to JGP becoming the company God intends for it to be.

Director of Ambassadors: Joshua

I have been changed!! I am a United States veteran who served 8 years honorably. I am one of those kids who accepted Christ at a young age but never got the memo on what God really expected of me. On the day God called me out, WOW! I was no longer hanging on the fence; I was on fire. I want to take the charisma God has given me to encourage and inspire young authors and missionaries.

Be bold! Be strong in the faith, and do what God has called you to do, when he calls you to do it!

Director of Marketing : MeghanIMG_0631.JPG

I was born and raised in the great state of Texas. My boyfriend is currently serving in the United States Navy for his third enlistment and working as a volunteer Fire Fighter. We share our home with our wonderful Rottweiler puppy Odin, Persephone and Delilah the rats, Bowser the surly turtle, and a six foot long Dumerils Boa named Emma Love.  I am currently pursuing a Biology degree part time, and have a particular interest in laboratory work. In addition to volunteering my time to Joseph’s Grain I also work part time at Petsmart caring for the animals in the store. My goal for this company is to help children no matter where they were born. Whether they need something as basic as food and water, or more extensive things such as lifesaving medical treatment, or an education.

Director of Publishing: Kathy

Bio coming soon!

Director of Business: Mike

I’m Michael,

I’m a small business owner. I have been married to the love of my life for 38 years (and counting). We have been blessed with four beautiful and unique daughters and nine grandchildren (also beautiful and unique). I have had to work up from nothing, more than once, but with God’s blessings and determination I have always managed to come back. Persistence has its rewards.

I have told my girls they could be anything they wanted to be, do anything they wanted to do, if they were willing to do what was necessary to achieve that goal. That’s why I was very excited when asked to participate in this project. It will take a lot of work, but the end result, once accomplished, the number of lives we are destined to touch, will make all the work worthwhile.

I believe there is a reason, a design, for us to be here – now. At this particular time. I believe that reason is to, as Liz would say, “Make a difference.”

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