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As you all know, we have just started Print for Change (our Kickstarter campaign). As we watched our campaign today, we were brought to tears when we, not only received a generous pledge, but also received another kind of pledge: The pledge to match donations up to a thousand dollars.

We were extremely humbled by this offer. We knew this company was God led. We knew we were asking for the right amount. We knew God was going to do great things and amaze us. But then it happened, and even though we knew in our heads that this was right, to receive such confirmation in our hearts…We could never be prepared for such a thing! It is a very humbling feeling, having someone pledge so much to a company you’re starting. Having God answer your prayers. Having people you have never met before join in supporting you. Having people who have helped you so much already be the first to jump in with both feet.

We are floored and so grateful for the support and encouragement we have received. We want to extend a special thank you:

To God for giving us this dream, for teaching us so much as we stumble after you, for your promises, for your friendship, and for the future you have planned for this company.

To the John and Patti Green, for approaching me that Sunday a few years ago, most of all for your continued friendship and support, and for this pledge as well. God changed my life through you.

To Rick and Belinda Shores, for always being there for us, and… words are currently failing me right now! I just can’t properly express our gratitude.

After the day we have had, I believe there are just not enough words in the English language to properly express everything you all have done for us. Again, we say thank you!


To Joshua Michael, for being so wiling to give.


To Rebecca Watkins, for your support and encouragement!


To Michelle and David Burkett, for your support and encouragement!

To Leticia and Randy Hughes, for your support and encouragement!

To Shirley and Jimmy Massey, for your support and encouragement!

To Frank Piazzi, for your support and encouragement!

We will continue to post more thank yous to our supporters throughout this campaign right here!

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